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Cribb bumper PURE Grey 360x30cm


Producer: Denalya®
Availability: 10 - 15 working days
Quality: 100% cotton / the filling inside is anti-allergic
Delivery: Courier company
Washing instruction: Wash at 40 °C
Country of origin: Slovakia
85.00 EUR (We are not VAT payers)

into the basket:

This bumper is wonderful because it’s equipped with just the right amount of padding while maintaining a breathable fabric. It will protect your baby from hitting the side of the crib and is soft enough for them to snuggle up to. That being said, the tidy quilting allows for better airflow which is an important safety feature.
The cute and simple design compliments every nursery style and the microfiber creates a soft and cozy space for your baby to sleep.

It consists of 4 parts - length 60cm (behind the header) + length 120cm (along the bed) + length 60cm (at the feet) + length 120cm (along the bed)

Height 30cm 

360 x 30 cm