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Baby Nest by Denalya®


Baby Nest by Denalya® is a multifunctional sleeping mattress with soft edges, perfect for your newborn.

Lie safely and softly in the highest of quality. With its soft edges and comfortable sleeping mattress, your child is bound to have the ultimate snuggle. Bringing along your child's cozy place while travelling.


This Baby Nest can be used in many ways, including: to relax in, play in, snuggle in, tummy time, and even for changing diapers. You can also place the baby mattress next to you while laying and resting in bed. This makes it perfect for travelling, ensuring your child's cozy place is with you, wherever you may be.


The Baby Nest is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is OEKO-TEX-certified to ensure it's safe and sustainable use.


Baby Nest - Pure Grey

55.00 EUR